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Neighborhood News

Urban Coyotes

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member

In light of the coyote attach on a young child earlier this year, the City of Dallas has responded with a hotline to report coyote activity. They are gathering data points to learn where the coyotes are concentrated and their behavior patterns. The hotline number is 469-676-9813. If you see a coyote, call the hotline to report it. If its behavior is concerning, you should also ‘haze’ it. This means make noise, wave your arms, or toss something toward it (not at it) to let it know it is not welcome. This is not the time to take out your phone and snap a picture. This just lets the coyote know it has nothing to fear in your area. If you encounter an aggressive coyote, seek a safe location, and call 911.

We live in an area that has wildlife, and that is not going to change. What can change is our behavior to ensure we all remain safe. Do not intentionally feed coyotes or leave pet food outside, keep your pets on leash, and carry a noise maker of some sort with you when you walk.

Look for more information on this topic when the City rolls out its official Coyote Management Plan later this year.

Town Creek Financial Audit

By Stu Barab, HOA Board Member

The Town Creek HOA financial audit was successfully completed.  Our annual audit, required by the By-laws, was completed by the team of Marilyn Moss, Mike Arkfeld and Matt Strange.  The audit encompassed two years (the audit was suspended last year due to COVID) and no discrepancies were noted.  Success! 

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