Featured HOA Presidents Corner Town Crier Spring 2022 


By Matt Strange and Megan Yagelski, HOA Co-Presidents

Greetings from your new HOA Co-Presidents!

We would like to begin with a huge thank-you to past Presidents Jennifer and Mark Duval for their work in our community and for serving for the last several years. Mark continues to provide outstanding leadership to our Crime Watch program and we are grateful for his ongoing work.

With the last two challenging years behind us, we are busy revitalizing our board and are already planning more in-person events throughout the year. Our focus for the HOA in 2022 is to ensure we create meaningful programming for our neighbors while continuing to be great stewards of our surroundings. This includes the trail as well as the streets and pathways that surround Town Creek. We look forward to sharing our projects and initiatives in the coming months.

We have also reignited the focus on our Crime Watch program. Membership declined this year and we need your help to be sure this outstanding program continues to keep our neighborhood safe. According to Stu Barab, a board member who wears many hats, Crime Watch participation is currently at 51% of our neighborhood. If you are part of the 49% not participating, it’s not too late! We need your support and participation. You can join today at http://towncreeklakehighlands.com/pay-your-dues/.

It was great to see some of you at last weekend’s annual HOA Easter Egg Hunt. Enjoy the remainder of Spring and we look forward to meeting you at our next event or out and about on the trail. Watch your email and our Facebook group for updates on upcoming events.


Matt & Megan

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