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Around the Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member/Creek Operations

I’d like to share some of our creek accomplishments for the year 2021, and our goals for 2022.

With the trees trimmed, we planted a few plants in the monument sign along Whitehurst.

Graffiti vandalism occurred to the monument sign late last year. A kind neighbor unknown to me did a great job cleaning the spray paint off the stone. Thank you to whoever did this!

We held several creek clean up events, and several trail beautification efforts.

The open meadow area between the two pathways just north of Middle Downs has been cleared and will be maintained going forward.

Our goals for 2022 include:
Hosting at least three creek cleanups.  Please mark your calendars for April 23, June 25 and September 24.  More dates may be added as needed and as weather permits.

Addressing the “opportunity” area along Whitehurst across from Skyview – where the city of Dallas cut down two large trees.  The trees were hanging very low over Whitehurst, and apparently the best solution was to remove them all together.  We now have a barren area that has a steep slope right into the creek.  A committee is currently working to find the best solution for that space that provides beauty and safety to that space.

Replace the lights in the monument sign on Whitehurst.

A bobcat has been seen quite a bit in the neighborhood.  Here is a picture taken on the path along the Branch Hollow cul de sac.  As bobcats eat mice, rats, snakes, rabbits and squirrels, they are useful to have around.

Here is a link to an NBC5 story on bobcats in Dallas, and how to deter them.\ What Should You Do if You Spot a Bobcat? Experts Say There’s No Reason to Panic – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (nbcdfw.com)

See you on the trail,

Kathy Luedke and Adrienne Clark

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