Featured General HOA Town Crier Spring 2022 

A Clean Town Creek is a Happy Town Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member

Thank you to all who came out for the Creek Cleanup on March 26! 

It was a beautiful day, and not too hot – perfect for cleaning the creek!

Those who participated include:

Adrienne Clark

Jack and Marilyn Doege

Scott and Kathy Luedke

David Wood

Matt Strange

Stu Barab

Phil and Diane Garnett

Mark Bellman

Abigail Smith

Scott Melanie

Susanna Gib and kids

Thank you to Sue Parma for manning the welcome table.

Most common items found: Face masks, plastic bags and disposable gloves

Most unusual item found: Juvenile lunch box filled with (full!) Modelo beer cans

Notable finds:  An insulated water bottle perched on the lowest step of a gabion wall (retrieved by David Wood- see first photo) and an animal skull – perhaps a raccoon

The creek looks great, thanks again to all who helped!

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