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We’ll Meet Again!

Town Creek Social Events Update

By Kelly Arkfeld, HOA Board Member and Social Events Chair

Thank you to those neighbors who’ve let us know you’ve missed our get-togethers. We miss them, too. We are looking at ways in the coming weeks (for those who are ready) to safely get together – and we’d love to hear your suggestions.

One event usually stands out in Town Creek – the Halloween Carnival. It’s undergone many changes over the years – moving from outside to Forest Meadow Junior High due to logistical concerns, adding bounce houses and face painting to our traditional games, and being opened up to kids (of ALL ages) who live outside of Town Creek.

The past few years, however, have given those of us on the board some pause: our traditional games are getting old, worn, and dilapidated. Neighbors have told us that they prefer to trick or treat with the kids and that doing that and attending the carnival are overtaxing for their families. And, frankly, it’s been harder and harder to get our neighbors to volunteer and staff the carnival. Also, naturally, the carnival has been on hold since the Coronavirus pandemic sent us all into a “shelter in place” status.

So, after much consideration and discussion over the past few years, the social committee – along with the HOA board – have decided to discontinue the Halloween Carnival. As difficult a  decision this was, the reasoning is solid: The past few years (minus 2020 of course) we’ve experienced more difficulty coordinating with the school, being that they have many activities of their own in the gym such as athletic practices and after school care. Secondly, we’ve noticed a trend the past few years in decreasing volunteer participation.  We simply have struggled to find adequate numbers of volunteers to help with all the various jobs needed to make the event successful. Our hope is that families with children (or grandchildren)  will enjoy making new traditions with neighbors and friends trick or treating in the neighborhood!

The committee and HOA board have discussed,  and hope to implement this year, a family-friendly social event in the Fall. It would be an outdoor event with activities for children and adults alike (and kids can still sport their Halloween costumes!). While details are still being considered, we welcome any suggestions or volunteers who would be interested in helping plan the event. We also would like to have an adults only social this summer, if able to work with guidelines from healthcare professionals.  

We have heard from some of you that the Halloween Carnival is a primary reason for joining the HOA – we hope that this decision won’t deter you from participating, because social events will return (safely) and we will find new and fun ways to celebrate all kinds of events together!

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