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Around the Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member & Creek Coordinator

Thank you to all the volunteers who came to the Creek Cleanup on March 13! Many of the volunteers ventured into the creek bed to get the trash down there. Some strange things found include a basketball, a Swiffer mop and a real estate sign. Jim Garrett also worked cutting up a downed tree along the Rocky Branch leg of the path. 

Also, a special thank you to Jim Hobson of Vista Oaks Drive who replaced the plexiglass in the two kiosks along the pathway. Please feel free to share any nature related items in these kiosks!

Our Saturday volunteers included:

  • Jeffery and Cindy Semach
  • Kris, Mike and Ethan Lerner
  • Ken Slack
  • David Wood
  • Mark Bellman
  • Abigail Smith
  • Derrich Phillips
  • Susan, Rhian, Liadan and Fitz Gibb
  • Dustin and Preston Ballard
  • Jim Garrett
  • Terry Jones

A huge thank you to the following volunteers who regularly help make the Creek a special place:

David Wood of Vista Oaks Drive– For the last year David and his dog Harrison Ford have walked the trail every day and monitored the two doggie poop bag kiosks, refilling when necessary. He is now working back in the office, so ….ID Walker of Spring Hollow Drive will be taking over this very valued responsibility. Thank you to both of you!

Jim Hobson of Vista Oaks Drive for replacing the plexiglass in both messaging kiosks along the creek. This was not an easy task as the original construction was quite intricate. Jim also replaced the legs of one kiosk that was rotted from termites. We can now clearly see the contents of the message boards, thank you, Jim!

Thank you to the unknown person who supplies informative and enjoyable content to the messaging kiosk located in the Branch Hollow cul-de-sac. This is much appreciated by all!

Jim Garrett of Vista Oaks Circle who can be found most early Saturday mornings clearing the pathways or clearing downed trees. Jim’s efforts supplement the by-monthly lawn service that the HOA provides. Thank you, Jim!

As a reminder to those who live along the creek path – do not discard your yard clippings, tree trimmings or construction waste into the creek. This is not only illegal it is unsightly and unneighborly. 

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