Featured HOA Town Creek Crier - Jan 2021 


There have been plenty of media reports, city announcements, county proclamations, and social media shares indicating how you can register for your COVID-19 vaccine, but here’s one more reminder just to make sure all of our neighbors know how to get inoculated:

Sign up online at www.dallascounty.org/covid-19/covid-19-vaccination.php
Call 972-692-2780.

Please keep in mind, there is a wait list we must all join. You will be asked about age and underlying conditions that may expedite your receiving a vaccine. Signing up means you will be contacted when a dose is available for you. You can also contact any branch of the Dallas Public Library – our librarians are trained to help you through the sign-up process.
Dallas County Health and Human Services is managing the vaccination distribution. You can visit the DCHHS registration site to learn more about the vaccines being dispensed and the vaccination process.

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