Announcements Crime Watch November 2020 Winter 2020 


The Town Creek/Forest Meadow Volunteers in Patrol program is looking for volunteers to help fight and prevent crime in our neighborhood.
The next volunteer in patrol training with DPD Volunteer in Patrol Training Class will be held (Saturday) December 5th online on Zoom from 9:00am-1:00pm. The applications must be submitted no later than Wednesday December 2nd. Northeast has over 1000 Volunteers in Patrol and is growing strong. To send your application you can scan and email it to Senior Corporal Kelley or mail/drop it off at the Northeast Dallas Police Department station located at 9915 East Northwest Highway, Dallas TX 75238. Please email Senior Corporal Kelley at or call 214-670-7772 for more information. Please email for your application and it will be sent. An email will be sent out with the online instructions after your background has been completed.
Remember – it takes at least an hour of patrol each calendar year to maintain your VIP status. If you haven’t patrolled this year, there’s still time. And you can patrol on foot or on your bike as well as in your marked car – as long as you patrol in pairs and log your time, it counts!
VIP volunteers patrol our neighborhood in pairs and act as the eyes and ears for the officers out patrolling our city. It is a strictly non-confrontational program where we only observe and report.

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