HOA November 2020 Winter 2020 


By Stu Barab, HOA Board Member

As you have probably noticed, the new parking lot has been completed. It is attractive (for a parking lot) and closely followed the artist’s conception shown to the left.

The big deal is that it largely solved two chronic problems: traffic congestion on Whitehurst and Meadowknoll at school start and dismissal times and employee parking on the streets east of the campus. There are now almost no employee cars parked on Atherton, Meadowknoll or Fallbrook. And there should be none once the original parking lot is restored after construction of the connector building.

The other project is construction of a connector between the Pre-K Annex and the Main Building. Here is an artist’s conception of the finished building:

This 4,000 square foot expansion will accommodate a corridor between existing buildings and a student collaboration workspace. It will not contain any new classrooms.RISD reports that construction work on this expansion is behind schedule due to COVID impacts. It was originally scheduled for completion by this December, but the current plan shows a two-month slip and the end date is now early March 2021.

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