November 2020 Presidents Corner 


By Jennifer & Mark Duval, HOA Co-Presidents

The Town Creek HOA Board: Continuing to Work for You

In 2020, your HOA Board hasn’t let the pandemic keep them from advocating for you and for Town Creek.  Some of the areas we’ve continued to work on:

  • Crime Control

Several of our HOA Board members are also on the Crime Watch Committee, working with adjacent neighborhoods Forest Meadow and Oak Trail Villas, as well as Dallas Police. Sadly, when unemployment increases, crime also tends to rise. We’ve been working closely with our Dallas officers to make sure that Dallas’ recent spike in violent crimes doesn’t impact our neighborhood safety.

  • Creek Cleanup and Maintenance

We’ve had some heavy storms this year that caused some serious damage to our creek and the creek path. Our fabulous HOA creek coordinator, Kathy Luedke, has been incredibly proactive to keep the creek safe and walkable. Even without storm damage, Kathy coordinates with landscapers to maintain the areas the city won’t.

  • Government Advocacy

Your HOA members attend city council meetings, county commissioners court meetings, and budgeting town halls for our local government so you don’t have to! We don’t advocate for any political positions on behalf of Town Creek, but when an issue arises like public safety or property taxes, we take steps to let you know either via email communications or our social media sites. For example, the current 2021 proposed budget indicates a significant reduction in funding for law enforcement – we’ve sent emails, made social media posts, and provided future meeting details along with city government contact information to try and make sure our leaders spend our tax dollars the way we want them to.

  • Keeping you Posted

Your Town Creek Neighborhood Directory, Crime Watch management, VIP organization, important email alerts, and your Town Crier newsletter all come courtesy of your HOA membership and your HOA Board. It was the board that some neighborhood Boy Scouts visited to coordinate new signs and seats along the creek path (don’t they look great?) as a community project.

  • Skyview Parking Lot

You may have noticed all the construction going on at Skyview Elementary. Your HOA board members have been working closely with the school’s administration to ensure that the planned parking lot expansion helps alleviate the parking congestion on our streets and keeps any neighborhood disruption to a minimum. Our feedback has been welcomed and appreciated by the Skyview principal! One of the HOA board positions is dedicated to maintaining a good relationship with Skyview – and the school personnel have expressed great appreciation for contributions Town Creek has made.

  • Working for the Future

Our neighborhood is constantly evolving – people move out, people move in, renovations take place. Your HOA board works to reflect the dynamic nature of our neighborhood to represent all of us appropriately. And we rely on your feedback to get that part right! A survey is coming soon to your inbox, and will ask what you want from your HOA and your HOA board. Please provide honest feedback, so we can continue to adjust and meet Town Creek’s specific needs. We hope that you will consider joining the HOA if you haven’t already – you can do that by going online to We are so fortunate to have this organization of people who give so freely of their time and skills to make Town Creek such a wonderful place to live. We hope that you’ll not only join, but get involved!

While we haven’t been able to plan or host any events, which are typically the highest-profile projects that come from the Town Creek HOA, we still meet regularly and interact with many of you to make sure our area doesn’t suffer during this remarkable period. But our dues don’t just support events, they support the creek, local schools, and volunteer safety programs.

The creek path remains walkable and safe, even after recent violent storms, because our fabulous creek advocate stays in touch with the city and landscapers. She makes sure that the path stays clear and stable.

Even with schools limiting campus attendance and shifting to virtual learning, they still benefit from and appreciate the support from our neighborhood – whether participating in drives for learning materials or showing appreciation to staff who go the extra mile for their students.

Volunteer in Patrol programs continue, and we should all keep an eye out or anything that seems amiss. Sometimes times of economic uncertainty see spikes in crime, so we should all remain vigilant. Crime watch also continues, and it’s such a blessing that we have that resource in times of trouble. I saw a post in the Town Creek Facebook group recently, where the poster was expressing relief that he was able to call Crime Watch when a driver was speeding erratically through our neighborhood streets, and actually have the officer confirm that the unsafe driver was properly addressed.

This year, HOA board members have continued to meet, keep in contact with our city leaders to address issues like unsafe traffic, crime, education, and so-called “party houses.” Board members have kept in touch with Skyview leaders and Richardson ISD administrators to stay abreast of the construction projects at the school. We’ve worked together to keep all of you informed of changes resulting from the pandemic – the new dates for protesting tax appraisals, along with resources to assist with protesting, city pest control, and COVID data.

I hope that you are all safe, secure, and happy in these tumultuous times. And I hope that you will decide to become more involved in your community! If you ARE interested in working with the Town Creek HOA, please email me at But please, at the very least, please join Crime Watch and the HOA and support Town Creek. Together, we can make 2021 even better than “normal.”

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