Presidents Corner Summer 2020 

Presidents’ Letter

We’re Still Here!

Things with your Town Creek HOA are moving along like a duck on the water – seemingly calm and quiet on the surface, but out of sight furiously paddling away to keep things moving forward.

The neighborhood may appear calm and quiet during these days of the pandemic, but our board members remain hard at work to keep you informed, to keep you safe, and to keep everything beautiful.

While we haven’t been able to plan or host any events, which are typically the highest-profile projects that come from the Town Creek HOA, we still meet regularly and interact with many of you to make sure our area doesn’t suffer during this remarkable period. But our dues don’t just support events, they support the creek, local schools, and volunteer safety programs.

The creek path remains walkable and safe, even after recent violent storms, because our fabulous creek advocate stays in touch with the city and landscapers. She makes sure that the path stays clear and stable.

Even with schools on vacation and shifting to virtual learning, they still benefit from and appreciate the support from our neighborhood – whether participating in drives for learning materials or showing appreciation to staff who go the extra mile for their students.

Volunteer in Patrol programs continue, and we should all keep an eye out or anything that seems amiss. Sometimes times of economic uncertainty see spikes in crime, so we should all remain vigilant. Crime watch also continues, and it’s such a blessing that we have that resource in times of trouble. I saw a post in the Town Creek Facebook group recently, where the poster was expressing relief that he was able to call Crime Watch when a driver was speeding erratically through our neighborhood streets, and actually have the officer confirm that the unsafe driver was properly addressed.

This summer, HOA board members have met, kept in contact with our city leaders to address issues like unsafe traffic, crime, education, and so-called “party houses.” Board members have kept in touch with Skyview leaders and Richardson ISD administrators to stay abreast of the construction projects at the school. We’ve worked together to keep all of you informed of changes resulting from the pandemic – the new dates for protesting tax appraisals, along with resources to assist with protesting, city pest control, and COVID data.

I hope that you are all safe, secure, and happy in these unusual times. And I hope that you will decide to become more involved in your community! If you ARE interested in working with the Town Creek HOA, please email me at But please, at the very least, please join Crime Watch and the HOA and support Town Creek. Together, we can keep that metaphorical duck looking peaceful while diligently continuing to make progress.

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