Summer 2020 

Emergency Readiness and Personal Preparedness

–By Jess Wade, HOA Board Member and Editorial & Digital Media Editor

What have you learned, and what actions are you taking, during this pervasive pandemic? Your answers would be an excellent topic for the next issue of the Crier. Prepare your thoughts now. Write them down. Maybe you are keeping a daily journal and will share with the rest of us. How are your children handling it? How are you dealing with what some may refer to as an overabundance of “family time“? This kind of information may be invaluable and far better than anything our emergency response officials can tell us.

Years ago, as one who trained both medical professionals and non-medical volunteers on what to expect and how to respond to a long list of potential local disasters, I remember the scenario of mass casualties and refrigerated 18-wheelers brought in to serve as temporary morgues. Even so, it is hard to believe we are not only headed in that direction, some locales have already been there. And if you have not been personally affected by COVID-19, please take a moment to empathize with those families who have. Losing someone we love to a plague so pernicious that it prevents even close family members from being at bedside is grim reality.

I also remember teaching the number one preventative measure to protect ourselves during H1N1, the Ebola crisis, and seasonal flu outbreaks is the act of thorough and focused hand washing! I believe this to still be true. And for those in-between times, the wearing of a mask to help protect others is also a great reminder to keep our hands away from our eyes, nose, and mouth. Simple. Specific. Smart.

“Emergency Readiness” is submitted to the Town Creek Crier by HOA member, Jess Wade. Now retired, Jess served for 10 years as Coordinator for the Dallas County Medical Reserve Corps, Public Health Preparedness and Bioterrorism Division of the Dallas County Department of Health & Human Services.

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