Summer 2020 

Along the Creek

–By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member and Creek Committee Chair

Town Creek is unique in all of Dallas with our 1.3-mile wooded pathway that stretches along the White Rock Creek tributary that meanders through our neighborhood on its way to White Rock Lake.  This spring and summer have brought walkers and runners from nearby neighborhoods to our trail.  The secret is out, we have something special here.

The creek, wooded areas and pathway are on City of Dallas property.  The City is ultimately responsible for issues that develop in these areas.  Your HOA hires a maintenance crew to trim vegetation close to the path, blow leaves and clip low hanging branches.  These are your HOA fees at work.  However, the City and the HOA are not the only ones with a responsibility. Those neighbors whose property backs up to the creek path are responsible for clearing that section of the path from vegetation or dirt runoff originating from their yard. Please do your part creek neighbors!

Two ‘poop bag’ stations exist along the path courtesy of your HOA. Please be kind and pick up after your dog.  Also, two information kiosks, located at the entrances of Arbor Park and Branch Hollow Circle, are available for anyone who has community information to share. 

Wildlife is abundant along the creek.  Squirrels, armadillos, opossums, coyotes and even bobcats can be seen.  Many varieties of birds can be seen; including Yellow Crowned Night Herons who return to raise their young each year.  And of course, many types of snakes call our creek home.  Take extra care while walking during the summer months when they are out of hibernation. 

Several times a year the HOA organizes a Creek Cleanup event.  Neighbors clean debris from the creek beds and natural areas adjacent to the paths.  There is always something found that makes you think “how did that get down there?”   Last spring someone found a pair of tuxedo rental shoes!  Watch for information on the next Creek Cleanup in future issues of your Crier. 

Inspired by the beautification club at White Rock Lake, we have a group called “For the Love of the Creek”.  FLOTC began last June after the big storm that brought down many large trees, making the trail impassable in some areas.  This group, led by “Chainsaw Jim” Garrett, worked hard to cut up the trees and remove them from the paths.  Since then, FLOTC has met (roughly) each month to work on beautification projects around the creek.  If you would like to get involved please email Kathy Luedke at to be added to the email list.

The creek pathway is truly a gem that we hope all can enjoy.  We appreciate everyone who helps to keep it beautiful!

A Creek hero in our midst!

A special shout out goes to Jim Garrett of Vista Oaks Circle.  Jim has a special love for the creek and is, fortunately for all of us who frequent the creek path, handy with a chain saw.  When Mother Nature leaves debris on the creek, Jim is quick to remedy the problem.  We are extremely fortunate to have a neighbor such as Jim who goes above and beyond to keep the creek pathways clear. THANKS, JIM!

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