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Notes from T.C. Curmudgeon

Ol’ T.C.

Walking the Dog

Hey, Neighbors. Thought I would share what it feels like for a geezer like me to get out into the fresh air and walk the dog. Slowly. Observations are so much better when I’m not driving. Safer too. Stay with me now ‘cause you might learn a thing or two.

Ever wonder how Town Creek got its street names? Some are particularly well-chosen; befitting their environment especially when pronounced out loud. A couple are even fun to say. Like Coral Cove (use extra hard C’s) and Loma Vista (put a bit of Spanish to it, Vee’-sta).

Seems like the word “Meadow” is the most used. Meadowknoll. Clover Meadow. Robin Meadow. I guess the neighborhood developers thought this would be good since Town Creek was formed after, and adjacent to, the Forest Meadow sub-division.

How about the visual conjured up when you hear Autumn Oaks or Vista Oaks? Both are nice. And then there’s Arbor Park. Almost puts me to sleep it sounds so peaceful. And the folks that live on the Circle do a beautiful job with their Christmas decorations.

“Branch” is another popular name around the neighborhood. Rocky Branch and Branch Hollow, both probably inspired by the creeks that run through. I also like the country sounding names like Moss Farm, Middle Downs, Briarhurst, and Glen Springs. These street names remind me of the beautiful Scottish countryside my wife claimed as her ancestral home. She liked to recall all the Loch names. Loch this, Loch that, Loch Ness. I’m kinda glad Town Creek doesn’t have any “Lochs.” Although, one neighborhood pioneer tells me he and his wife, along with four of their friends, moved to Town Creek in1976 from the Loch Wood Meadows neighborhood, just a few miles away.

I also call attention to the more dignified names like Atherton, Fallbrook, and Whitehurst. These names remind me somehow of British Parliament and its penchant for decorum at all cost. Rocky Cove, Flint Falls, Spring Hollow, Windcrest, and Windy Knoll, all names that might be found in New England along the picturesque rural highways of Vermont or New Hampshire. Aren’t we lucky to have them right here in beautiful, mostly serene, and always neighborly Town Creek?

Also, I’m seeing a plethora of “Town Creek Crime Watch Member” signs still dotting the neighborhood. Does my heart good to see this kind of support for an important neighborhood program. Since its been years since these signs were made available by our HOA, I hope everyone is still paying their annual membership dues. Unfortunately, I have observed some residents are still putting out their bulk trash one or two weeks early. There are a few who manage to put the stuff smack-dab in the middle of the sidewalk…not neighborly.

Another observation while walking these streets is how beautiful the houses are, the variety of design, architecture, and how well neighbors maintain their landscapes. As you can see by the small sampling of 9 photos here, we have some creative residents who take great pride in the appearance of their homes. Naturally, I have my own opinion, but which architectural style do you like best?

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