General Winter 2020 

T.C. Curmudgeon

Observations around the neighborhood

Old T.C. here. I’ll be turning over a new leaf for the new year. The older I get it seems grumpy old men are dyin’ off quicker. Yep. We’re a dying breed. The way I figure, maybe I can stick around a little longer by getting happy and improving my natural tendency toward grumpiness. Some have suggested by “changing my tune.”

            Anyway, life has a way of catching us off guard. Like things that come out of nowhere. One day life is routine. Then, WHAM! The next day, not so much. A proverbial wrench gets thrown into once smooth-running gears, locks ‘em up, and we have to stop and assess the damage. Crunch time. We’ve then got to choose which path to take. Purpose or despair.

            This is when your support team swings into action.

            But wait, are you saying you don’t have a support team? If so, you should work on that. Get ahead of the WHAM! My personal experience is testament to the value of having support nearby. Nothing like it. And here in Town Creek, the supply of neighbors who care is extensive. All it takes is to tap in. Get involved. And if you’re like I was, bordering on being a recluse, get out of your comfort zone. Get to know your neighbors.

            On that very subject I believe the editorial board of The Dallas Morning News said it well in the Sunday, January 19th issue. The editors wrote on new year’s resolutions; “5 ways to make yourself and city better in 2020.” Here’s reason number one:

“Resolve to know your neighbors. Being a good neighbor is a powerful prevention for so many of the problems that plague us: loneliness, fear, suspicion, crime.  Isolation and loneliness are real and potent threats to a healthy society. In 2017, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called loneliness an ‘epidemic.’ Separated by our safety features, our gated communities, our rear-entry garages and our flickering screens, we are less likely than ever to know the people who live nearest to us. Resolve to buck that trend in 2020, for your own sake, for their sake and for the health of our city.”

            What do you think? Is this a positive word for those of us who reside in Town Creek? Let’s do more than give lip service to our being a neighborhood community. As a matter of safety alone, it’s a great idea to know at minimum eight of your neighbors – the three behind you, the two on each side, and the three across from you. That’s a block of 9 homes looking after each other and sharing ways of support. And who knows? You just might meet someone who is the most interesting person in the world. So, don’t be a recluse like I use to be. Use your HOA Membership Directory to look up contact information and go “break the ice.” If you need a reference, tell ‘em old T.C. sent you.

T.C. Curmudgeon

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