Skyview Elementary Winter 2020 

Skyview Happenings

Parking Improvements Underway – By Stuart Barab, HOA Board Member

Two big improvement projects for the Skyview campus have been approved and funded. The first project is to add a parking lot to the west side of the campus to eliminate on-street staff parking and relieve the student drop off/pickup congestion on Meadowknoll and Whitehurst.  The parking lot was designed to minimize loss of green space but provide enough parking spaces (54) and queue lanes to handle all anticipated traffic. The parking lot will double the number of parking spots on campus.  See artist’s conception of the finished parking lot below:

The approved Traffic Management Plan is shown below.  It shows no staff parking on ANY of the streets surrounding the school, especially the eastern streets where parking has been an issue for years. The plan also shows the queuing concept within the new lot. There is space for 23 to 25 cars to queue (blue line) for drop off and (especially) pick up. This should greatly reduce the traffic congestion on Whitehurst. Work on the parking lot was started January 8 and is scheduled to be completed by April.


The other project is construction of a connector between the Pre-K Annex and the Main Building (shown in dark outline on the Traffic Management Plan). Below is an artist’s conception of the finished building:


This 4,000 square foot expansion will feature a corridor between existing buildings complete with a student collaboration workspace…without classrooms. Construction will probably begin in a few months and is scheduled for completion by end of the year.


Skyview Happenings – By Glenda Miller, HOA Board Member-at-Large

Friday, February 21st EVENT:

Career Day at Skyview (Looking for Presenters)
When:    Friday, February 21st / 8:30-10:30 a.m.
Where:   Skyview Elementary School, 9229 Meadowknoll Dr
Who:   All residents to share “working world” experiences                             How:    If you are able to participate in this fun and important event, mark your calendar and send an email right away to Counselor Beverly Guillory at If you have questions, email Glenda Miller at 


Thursday, March 26th EVENT: 

Multicultural Night; all are invited
When:     Thursday, March 26th / 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Where:    Skyview Elementary School, 9229 Meadowknoll Dr
Who:       All Town Creek residents
What:      To celebrate the diversity of Skyview scholars and their families 
How:       We can help make the evening a big success by donating: baked goods, candy, and craft materials. Please drop items by the school office early in the week of the event or let me know and I will collect.  

Thank you for your assistance!!  

Glenda Miller, 214-537-9221 / unselor Beverly Guillory at If you have questions, email me at


Holidays at Skyview


School front office staff dressed for the holidays!

“After clearing a surprise visit through Skyview principal Katrina Collins, we dropped in on Skyview front office staff December 19th for a brief and cheerful pre-Christmas holiday greeting.” 

HOA Skyview Support: Backpacks and Winter Coats

True to form, Town Creek residents contributed again in 2019 to the “back with backpacks” and annual “winter coat” drive for Skyview students. The response to HOA promotions was phenomenal. Thanks goes to event planners and to every volunteer who participated in making these important donation drives successful.

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