General Winter 2020 

Notes to Neighbors

Two babysitters have time, will help! –By Andrea Falco, HOA member

As close as Branch Hollow right here in Town Creek, these mid-to-upper-age teens are ready to interview and excited to help meet your babysitting needs.

Ellie Falco, 18, has a flexible school day and is looking to sit afternoons and evenings with younger children, babies and infants. She has some excellent experience and is knowledgeable, reliable, and mature. She also drives! Contact her at 201-359-7330 or

Evan Falco, 16, is primarily available on the weekends. He is agreeable to tackle most any challenge a babysitting job can throw at him. He is comfortable with children age 3- to-tween. Evan is kind, sweet, and conscientious, a Teddy Bear that kids relate to and respect. To ensure a smooth connection, please contact Andrea Falco at or 201-927-5902.

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The 2020 HOA Membership Directory will be arriving in your mailbox soon. Please use it faithfully and patronize the businesses who have invested in advertising with us.

FYI: We have an 80% renewal rate this year among those who advertised in the Directory last year! What this says is these businesses have seen results. Please continue to support them. And when you visit their establishments, please go out of your way to tell them, “I saw your ad in the Town Creek HOA Directory. Thank you for your support!”

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