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Crime Watch & VIP Updates

— By Mark Duval, HOA Board Co-President, VIP Coordinator

Everywhere you look crime seems to be on the rise.  Our Crime Watch police officers work diligently to keep criminals out of our neighborhood. It’s an ongoing task and they could use help from our residents.  One effective way to help is by joining our neighborhood Volunteers in Patrol (VIP) program!

            VIP members are first trained* by Dallas Police Department officers. After training, they can then serve as a visible presence in the neighborhood; working together in a non-confrontational patrol capacity.  Upon observing suspicious activity, the VIP volunteer reports to city police for official follow up.  VIP members patrol in pairs and can choose the method of covering the landscape. Either by personal vehicle (equipped with an official VIP magnetic sign), on foot, or on bicycle.  Some members prefer to walk the neighborhood streets and creek paths.  It’s a great way to get exercise and meet neighbors!

* The next VIP training is scheduled on Saturday, March 21st at the DPD Northeast Substation, 9915 E. Northwest Highway.  Prerequisite to the training is completion of a background check. If you want to join VIP, you can find the necessary forms online. Complete and submit by March 18th.  https://dallaspolice.net/communitys/volunteerprogram

For additional information call the NE Substation (214) 670-4415. Ask to speak to Officer Theon Akin.


— By Graham Bryant, HOA Board Member, Crime Watch Coordinator

During the last seven years we have tracked the type and quantity of calls made to our CW patrol officers. Without explanation, calls in general have fallen off dramatically during this period.  “Suspicious person” calls, in particular, which have historically led to the identification of some very shady characters loitering in our neighborhood, are important calls to make. If your residence is a CW member, please call or text using the proprietary CW hot line. Do not hesitate. You are not bothering the officers. They are eager to respond and determine the reason for your call, good or bad.

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I want to thank our Crime Watch patrol officers for their efforts in helping residents with package deliveries during this past holiday season. It may seem like a small thing, but FedEx, UPS, and USPS were hard at it delivering Christmas packages to neighborhood front porches — often leaving boxes or envelopes clearly visible from the street. Many of those boxes were delivered while residents were not home, and our CW officers took the initiative to hide or relocate them. Naturally, they notified the homeowner where the relocated parcels could be found. I like to think our neighborhood holiday season was more enjoyable because of these thoughtful actions by CW officers.

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