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Town Creek HOA Board Spotlight

-By Town Creek Crier Editor

VIP Coordinator, Mark Duval Named “VIP of the Year”

Town Creek’s HOA Board Member and co-president, Mark Duval, has been named “VIP of the Year” for Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Patrol Division. “VIP” stands for “Volunteers in Patrol” – a program designed to reduce crime by having citizens patrol their own neighborhoods in their own vehicles. VIPs are non-confrontational and work with police to help keep tabs on and report any suspicious or criminal activity.

The award was given earlier this year at DPD’s Northeast Volunteer Recognition Ceremony held at Highland Oaks Church. Keynote speakers included District Attorney John Cruezot and Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall. Several awards were given for volunteers throughout the Northeast Patrol’s district.

“As the VIP Coordinator, Mark built the Town Creek/Forest Meadow VIP program from nothing,” said Neighborhood Policing Coordinator Kevin Kelley as he presented the award. “He has done a great job growing the program and generating momentum in a relatively short period of time.”
Kelley also pointed out Mark’s other service to first responders through his volunteer work with Box 4, a volunteer organization that supports Dallas Fire Rescue. Mark has been a member of Box 4 for more than 15-years and is currently in his second year as president of that organization. Mark and his wife, Jennifer, are also this year’s president couple for the Town Creek HOA.

Anyone in our neighborhood can join VIP (Volunteers in Patrol). All that’s required is a few hours of training by Dallas Police Department’s Northeast Patrol Division. These trainings are held quarterly. An initial training patrol with Mark is also required, followed by at least one hour of patrol per year to maintain VIP status. The program serves to complement our Crime Watch program by supporting sworn police officers. If interested in joining, please email Mark at DuvalMark@hotmail.com.

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