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Town Creek Green

-By Kathy Luedke, Creek Operations

Important Eco-friendly Tips

From Dallas Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff that flows over pet waste can become polluted with bacteria, viruses and parasites. When it rains, stormwater flows onto the street, into a storm drain, and through underground pipes until it discharges into the nearest water body. Since it’s not treated, contaminated stormwater eventually ends up in our local creeks, lakes and into the Trinity River.

The Pooper Scooper Law (City Code, Sec 7-4.8) requires pet owners to pick up after their pet on public or private property that is not their own.

This law also requires pet owners to carry with them some type of sanitary device to pick up after their pet. Failure to comply not only sends pollution into our environment, it is also punishable by monetary fine.

It is recommended that pet owners pick up after their pets at minimum every week on their own property. This helps to minimize the amount of waste that can contaminate our local eco-system.

Adapted from September’s City of Dallas water bill statement stuffer

From Your Creek Improvement Committee

Living near a creek like we do has its advantages, but with it comes responsibilities. Here is a “heads-up” for those of us who live along one of our city-owned creeks.

City of Dallas Regulations:

  • Do not drain or backwash pool water into alley or creek path. This practice knowingly puts chemicals into the stormwater system. Furthermore, it is environmentally irresponsible and illegal. The chemicals from your pool will bleach the concrete surface where it is draining and is a tell tail sign that you are in violation. Talk with your pool service to find another way to dispose of your pool water.
  • Do not dump yard waste directly into the creek or adjacent wooded area. While this may seem innocent enough, it is considered dumping on city property and is a violation punishable by fine. Plus, it looks terrible. Please, bag your debris. Do not toss it onto creek property.
  • Pick up your dog’s poop. Dog waste can pollute local creeks, lakes and the Trinity River. Honor the city’s Pooper Scooper Law and use the bags provided by the HOA along the creek path to pick up after your dog. And, while on the topic, be a good neighbor, and pick up after your dog if it chooses to poop in a neighbor’s yard.
  • Do not allow your yard guys to blow leaves into street. This also is a Dallas Stormwater Management violation. Leaves blown into the street will go into the storm drainage system and you could be held responsible for violations made by landscaper crews you employ. Insist your lawn crew bag debris rather than blowing it into the street. If they do not comply, find a new crew!

Pet Waste Facts & Disposal Tips:

FACT: 1.2 million registered dogs in DFW produce an estimated 900,000 pounds of waste every day.
FACT: Pet waste may pollute local creeks, lakes, and the Trinity River.
TIP: Tie your pet’s waste into a bag and place it into a lined trash can.
TIP: Dog waste can be flushed down the toilet; but, of course, not the bag.

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