Fall 2019 

New Neighbors

-By Karen Stuart, New Neighbor Committee

Welcome New Neighbors

Rebekah & Kyle Bailey, Spring Hollow Dr.
Moved from Lake Ridge Estates

Allyson & Matt Cook, Whitehurst Dr.
Moved from Wilmington, NC

Danielle Demas & Thomas Luna, Glen Springs Dr.
Moved from Keller, TX

Allison & Stephen Ellsworth, Fallbrook Dr.
Moved from Lower Greenville

Ann & Ron McCrary, Coral Cove Dr.
Moved from Fort Worth

Arion Smith, Flint Falls Dr.
Moved from Seattle, WA

Chris & Scott Thomson, Rocky Branch Dr.
Moved locally

Jennifer & Ryan Tompkins, Arbor Park Dr.
Moved from Heath, TX

Jenny & John Tsao, Atherton Dr
Moved from Austin, TX

If you are a new neighbor, we would love to come by, meet and welcome you to our great neighborhood.  Contact Karen Stuart, 214-507-7132 / hygienegirl48@yahoo.com

If you are interested in joining the HOA Board and serving as a member of the New Neighbor Committee, please email the HOA’s e-Communications Chair, Judy Sebesta at judy@sebestaonline.com

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