Featured Summer 2019 

Along the Creek

-By Kathy Luedke, Creek Operations

Along the Creek

Mother Nature sure did a number on our neighborhood on June 9th.  No less than a dozen large trees fell onto our creek path making it impassable.  When it became clear the city was inundated and wouldn’t be able to address the remaining downed trees (those not already removed by homeowners), a team of neighbors took action. 

This group cut up the remaining trees and dragged the debris to the curb; making the entire pathway walkable again.   A very special thank you to:

  • Jim Garrett (and his chainsaw)
  • Christine Becker
  • David Wood
  • Michelle Alavian
  • Ryan Carter
  • Stu Barab
  • Ben, Scott, and Kathy Luedke 

These homeowners are part of the newly formed “For the Love of the Creek” group who will be addressing maintenance and beautification items having to do with the creek.  The next step is to remove the remaining logs and limbs from the sides of the pathways.  Discussions are continuing with the City to get this done, but storm clean up personnel are still swamped.  Please have patience.

If you would like to get involved with this group, please email Kathy Luedke at kathyluedke@sbcglobal.net.

Another very big “thank you”

Thanks to the following folks for coming out on May 4th to help clean the creek:

  • Nathan and Kurt Summers
  • Mike Arkfeld
  • Robert Johnson
  • Jennifer and Mark Duval
  • Stu Barab
  • Ryan, Natalie, Rachel, and Charlie Carter
  • Dustin and Preston Ballard

These are Town Creek neighbors who picked up trash along the path and pulled some crazy “things” out of the creek bed. This time, “things” included tarps, fencing, blankets, one shoeshine machine, the base to a swivel chair, cement blocks and too much more to describe. The next time you run into one of these 13 Creek Heroes give ‘em a pat on the back and say thank you! We are all fortunate to have those who care about the creek and this spring have helped keep it maintained.

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