General Spring 2019 

Town Creek Spotlight

-By Judy Sebesta, HOA Board member

Our Community, Our Board, Our Leadership

Oh my, look over there – see, there, to the left! My observation was no surprise while driving east on Whitehurst on one of many frequent trips to our local Tom Thumb. There it “wasn’t.” No crime infested J’s Mart! Only vacant land now near the cell tower. How did that happen?

Overnight? What is this change on my way to LBJ on Abrams? The homeless hangout at the title loans building was dispersed even before the building was leveled. How is this possible?

Good grief! Where is the chaotic traffic around Skyview at drop-off and pickup time? Orange cones and organized traffic patterns? How did that happen?

Look at our gorgeous creek path. Time does leave its mark with erosion and degradation. The new gabions, city cleanup, new benches, “poop” bags. How does all this happen?

The Crier, children’s Easter Egg Hunt, Caroling Hayride, annual neighborhood Directory, National Night Out, e-Blasts, Crime Watch, Volunteers-In-Patrol, website, mailings, invoicing, financials. All, incredibly time-intensive tasks, all needed for our community, all important to our community. I ask again, how does this get done?

Leadership, commitment, good neighbors (no, GREAT NEIGHBORS!) Your Board!

The passing years bring inevitable changes. However, one thing that has not changed in Town Creek is “Great Neighbors,” neighbors who are willing to volunteer their valuable time to our community. Although, these Great Neighbors encompass more than just those individuals on our Board, let me speak to this year’s leadership.

Mark and Jennifer Duval are serving as our President Couple this year. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious. In addition to their presidential commitments, Mark organized and is coordinating our Volunteers-In-Patrol (VIP) program. Jennifer is our marketer and creator of the incredibly informative videos that have surfaced over the recent year supporting our neighborhood. Together they have brought a wealth of experience to our doorsteps.

Mark has devoted most of his adult life to supporting first responders. He’s spent more than 15 years as a member of Box 4, a volunteer group that supports Dallas Fire & Rescue. Currently he is president of that organization. In 2017, Mark signed up for VIP training so that he could launch a VIP program for Town Creek, Forest Meadow, and Oak Trail Villas. He has single-handedly promoted and guided the program, both in social media and in person as he regularly visits neighborhood gatherings for the neighborhoods outside of Town Creek.

Mark began his professional life working in broadcasting, and today he uses those skills to produce digital marketing content to promote both VIP and Box 4. Currently, his paying job is managing the Dallas site for an international shipping and freight company, where his duties include producing safety videos and managing the overall safety compliance of the location. Mark has truly dedicated both his personal and his professional lives to keeping others safe.  

Jennifer has her MBA in Marketing Management and Strategy. She is currently Lead Channel Marketing Manager with AT&T, creating messaging, training, and oversight for new media content. Her experience is vast, including, management areas in healthcare communications; publicity and media pitching for the Perot Museum of Nature & Science as Communications Manager; marketing writer, producer and editor for NBC/Universal Media; and, Production Coordinator with 20th Century Fox Television.

Jennifer is also an award-winning storyteller, communicator and content creator experienced in managing both internal and external communications. She oversees projects relating to social media, digital marketing, public relations, event planning, brand enhancement, and thought leadership. If you were to ask Jennifer what is high on her bucket list, she would tell you, “to author a book.” No doubt, she will.

In performing her duties as HOA president this year, Jennifer has gone the extra mile and involved herself in activities outside our community. She has spoken with all mayoral candidates, selected councilmen and other governmental entities, identifying their stance on important issues not only to our city but specifically to our neighborhood community. It is important to note that our mayor and our council member not only know Jennifer and Mark, they know Town Creek is where they live. We are fortunate Mark and Jennifer chose to live in Town Creek. When they told me of their “love of our neighborhood and desire to keep it safe and friendly,” I knew theirs would be an active role. What would it cost each of us as HOA members to hire such leadership, commitment, and experience? Fortunately, it’s a figure we don’t need to assess. Together, Mark and Jennifer Duval are freely providing their support to our community. And I can assure you, the residents of Town Creek, Forest Meadow, and Oak Tree Villas are fortunate beneficiaries.

You are unable to take an active role? Support your community with your annual HOA and Crime Watch membership dues!

Town Creek Women’s Club

The Town Creek Women’s Club was established in 1975 to encourage fellowship and to nurture and promote friendship with our neighborhood and community. Although we are considered “Town Creek,” long time members who may have moved outside our immediate neighborhood have remained members.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month from September to May at 9:30 a.m., usually in the home of one of our members. On some occasions, we meet in other local restaurants. Our meetings include a short business meeting to discuss upcoming events, community activities and socials. Following the business meeting, a speaker presents a program of interest. Our programs are always fun, informative and entertaining, running the gamut from Dave Lieber to wildlife, from technology education to antiquing.

Our social events, which may also include spouses, give members an opportunity to experience new restaurants in our community, stage shows, and other venues – always something different and unique.

We thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie and friendships of our members. We are currently in the process of renewing memberships for 2019-20 (an annual membership dues of $50). If you have an interest in joining, you are welcomed to attend as a guest before making that decision. We embrace new members and welcome your interest.

For additional information, contact:

Judy Sebesta,  Town Creek Women’s Club, Membership Chair or 214.343.0990

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