Spring 2019 

T.C. Curmudgeon

-T.C. Curmudgeon

Vol. 1, No. 2

Greetings again to all Town Creekers. Sure ‘nough, I got some feedback on my last article published in the Town Creek Crier. And gosh-darn it, some of you (not all, but a few) were encouraging. So once again, my neighborhood observations:

Recently I’ve been hearing buzz about how grime has been cleaned up in Lake Highlands. At the Audelia branch library just a few weeks ago, I got into a spit and whittle with some of the older folks in the area (yes, there are a few older but none more opinionated). They were all talking about the shameful street grime and wondering how to clean it up. After listening for a spell and hearing some of ‘em say it musta been hard to do because it was also about outlandish grime, I had to punctuate the conversation with a question. Did they think cleaning it up was hard because it was unspeakable grime or just hard-to-identify careless grime? It sure musta been a good question ‘cause the conversation stopped right there.

A few days later I was havin’ coffee by myself, as usual, up here at the local Starburst. I overheard some of the younger DPD fellas talking about prevailing grime (a couple of ‘em are actually women now – how ‘bout that?). Anyway, I heard one of ‘em mention he’s seeing a little more juvenile grime. Another added that she thought that was improving as they were seeing less of the hidden domestic type grime.

Then, one of the officers said he works extra hours for the Town Creek neighborhood grime watch. (My ears really perked up at that.) He said they’ve been able to reduce the amount of opportunistic grime just by getting some of the dirt bags out of the neighborhood. I’m for that.

You can consider me better informed now. Yours truly is going to be keenly aware of his surroundings here on out. Hope ya’ll will join that grime watch thing and help me look out for any conspicuous grime. In my book, there’s no such thing as petty grime. I don’t know about you, but if I see it, I’ll be lettin’ DPD know. Those officers seemed mighty interested in getting this grime under control. And lordy, they said there’s still lots of scum out there that needs to be cleaned up! Whadaya think about that?

T.C. Curmudgeon

Editor’s note: When I explained to Mr. Curmudgeon that the police were talking about crime, not grime, he immediately apologized; saying, “Never mind.”

All the same, the Town Creek Crier editorial staff decided to post his thoughtful article.

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