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Pet News and Pictures

-Town Creek Crier


Because the Town Creek Pet Watch program is no longer accepting pet registrations or alerts, your Town Creek Crier recommends “Nextdoor Town Creek” online to report local pet alerts or pet news. If not already signed up, go to www.nextdoor.com to set up your account with your email address. You can post pictures if you like. And, typically, you can expect a timely response from one or more of your neighbors. Remember, “Nextdoor is not for reporting crime or suspicions – instead, call 911 and your proprietary Crime Watch phone number.


Cool Cat Seeks Long-Term Relationship in Town Creek

This gray tabby has been living on Spring Hollow Circle for months and apparently has no permanent home. S/he is affectionate and appears healthy. “When you get a kitten, you don’t know whether it’s going to be a love, but this seems like a sure thing.”

If your home could use a small dose of cat spirit and you would like to be introduced, please call Larry Sewell 214-356-4556.

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