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-By Kelly Arkfeld and Jill Williams, HOA Board members and Social Committee co-chairs

2019 Town Creek Easter Egg Roundup

Sunday was a most perfect day for our annual HOA-sponsored Easter egg hunt. The Skyview Elementary playground served once again as a perfect location. And a throng of more than 70 excited children gathered at the gate for a perfect 3:00pm start marshalled by TC HOA President Couple, Jennifer and Mark Duval.

HOA volunteers had earlier filled and distributed more than 1,600 plastic eggs across the width and length of the playground. They were easy to see, so colorful, and slightly larger than a typical dyed egg. “You could feel the anticipation from the kids, parents, and grandparents,” Jennifer Duval said later. “It’s always fun to be that close to such energy, laughter, and enthusiasm.”

When the gate swung open promptly on time, the race was on. Children running. They swarmed the field each with his or her own personal Easter basket. Baskets were quickly filled with eggs that would be later examined for the treats inside. The “roundup” was over and the time was 3:10 pm.

Naturally, one of the highlights for many of the estimated 100 adults was getting a family photo with Town Creek’s Easter Bunny who makes a once-a-year stop at this event. Sitting calmly on the picturesque flagstone wall adjacent to the playground, the Bunny drew looks of admiration and awe from the children. Nearby, what looked to be homemade sugar cookies topped with colorful icing accompanied with juice, was available to all.

This is always an ideal time for friends and neighbors to visit for a few minutes and get acquainted. It appears everyone had a great time. As Social co-chairs, we want to send out a big “thank you” to the Town Creek HOA for making the annual Easter Egg Roundup possible. And, of course, our thanks to all volunteers who made it the success it was. We could not have done it without you!

Photographs courtesy of HOA Board member, Karen Stuart and Crier editor.

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