Featured Presidents Corner Winter 2019 

What An Honor

We are incredibly honored to serve as the presidential couple for the 2019 Town Creek Homeowners Association Board. Whether you have lived in Town Creek for three months or 50 years, we hope you love the area as much as we do and share our desire to keep it safe and friendly.

The Town Creek HOA is more than 40 years old, and it’s one of the most active associations in North Texas. We meet ten times a year and offer membership at an incredibly affordable rate for those who choose to join ($40 a year… compared to the DFW average of $349!). The mission statement of the HOA is to “preserve, protect, and advance the interest of the neighborhood.” We do this through participation in the Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association. We collaborate with schools in our area. We organize beautification and clean-up initiatives. We stay in regular communication with our local government officials to advise them of our interests. We plan great community events like the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Carnival, and National Night Out. We maintain the website (www.TownCreekLakeHighlands.com) and the private Facebook group “Town Creek Lake Highlands.” We provide regular community updates through email campaigns and a dedicated Facebook group. And, perhaps most importantly, we manage and promote our crime prevention programs.

Town Creek is fortunate to have two crime prevention initiatives – Crime Watch and VIP. The Crime Watch patrols are conducted by off-duty Dallas Police officers who monitor our streets in marked police cars. Crime Watch membership costs $350 a year when paid in one payment ($180 for semi-annual payments). After joining, you receive a dedicated phone number for contacting Crime Watch officers via call or text. You can let the officer know when you’ll be out of town or ask them to check your garage door or look out for packages on your porch – they will answer any safety concerns as fast as they can!  We’ve personally found it to be a very valuable and comforting service.

VIP stands for “Volunteers in Patrol.” It’s the program run by our residents to patrol the neighborhood in a non-confrontational manner. It’s strictly “observe and report.” Joining VIP involves a few hours of training by a DPD officer, and just one hour of neighborhood patrol a year! On top of being a crime deterrent, VIP patrols are a great way to get to know the neighborhood.

We love living in Town Creek hope you do too. Please join us in our efforts to foster community, enhance public safety, and beautify our area by joining the HOA, Crime Watch, and VIP. We’ll be posting on the website “The Town Crier” quarterly newsletters and sending emails to keep you up to date on volunteer opportunities and what’s happening with Town Creek. Please write to us at our email addresses below any time with questions or concerns. The programs and projects we described are all great, but it’s our involved residents that really make Town Creek such a remarkable place.

Your Neighbors,

Jennifer and Mark Duval



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