Oct/Nov Crime Watch Report

Hello Neighbors:

We hope all of you have enjoyed a safe and happy time with friends and family during the Holidays. We want to thank our Crime Watch patrol officers for their efforts in helping residents with package deliveries during this busy time of the year. Fedex, UPS, and USPS have been hard at it as usual, delivering Christmas goodies to neighborhood front porches — many of which were delivered while residents were not home. Our officers have taken the initiative to hide or relocate those boxes and then notify the resident where the parcels could be found!

Please call our officers or 911 if you see any suspicious activity.



There have been several incidents of mail theft or tampering in recent months. Please report any issues you may have had with stolen or tampered mail. As we have discussed earlier, the North Texas Post Master General allocates resources to deal with postal crime based on numbers of reports.

Please, NEVER hesitate to call the Crime Watch officers or 911 to report suspicious activity. Notifying Crime Watch or 911 of suspicious activity can help prevent problems before crimes are committed — and, it sends a message to any individuals with bad intentions that this is not a neighborhood for criminal opportunity. 

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