December 2017 Featured General 

HOA News

At the HOA General Meeting on November 9, 2017, members of the Town Creek Homeowners’ Association approved changes to the HOA’s bylaws, as presented in last month’s Crier and e-Blasts.  The full version of the amended bylaws may be viewed here.

HOA members also approved the following slate of officers for 2018:

Presidents                             Brooke Rohmer & Lizzy McKnight

Vice Presidents                    Jennifer & Mark Duval

Secretary                               Megan Yagelski

Treasurer                               Brian Poff

Parliamentarian                   Sheri & Van Littrell

Creek Operations                 Van Littrell

Socials                                   Karen Stuart

New Neighbors                    Ann Cox & Marilyn Moss

Crime Watch Patrol             Graham Bryant

VIP Coordinator                   Mark Duval

Administration                      Marty Jones & Sheri Littrell

Database                               Judy Sebesta (interim); Jess & Linda Wade; Stu Barab

e-Communications              Judy Sebesta

Digital Media Editor             Karen Wong

Lake Highlands Liasion     Steve Hodges

Skyview Liaison                   Lizzy McKnight

Members at Large                Anne Barab, Sue Parma, Derrich Phillips

We are still looking for more members to serve as Socials Chairpersons. If interested, please contact Lizzy McKnight at

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