November 2017 

Notice of General Meeting

Every year a General Meeting of the Homeowner’s Association is held in the fall for the purposes of electing officers to serve the following year and approve any proposed changes to the Association’s bylaws. The meeting this year is set for: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7:15 pm, at 9027 Glen Springs Circle. All Town Creek HOA members are invited to come, place your vote, and meet your officers for 2018.

RSVP is required, if attending. RSVP here. RSVP here

Proposed Bylaw Changes for 2018
From time to time, the Town Creek Board of Directors (the “Board”) reviews our Town Creek Homeowners’ Association Bylaws to propose changes, if any. A 2017 sub-committee was formed to review any necessary changes, presented those changes to the Board and received approval to present these changes to our membership for a vote. Please CLICK here to review the proposed bylaw changes and attend our Annual Fall Meeting to discuss and vote on those changes.

2018 Proposed Slate of Officers
Our Nominating Committee, chaired by the incoming Co-Presidents, Brooke Rohmer and Lizzie McKnight, have proposed individuals to fill our Slate of Officers. Please CLICK here to view the Proposed Slate of Officers for 2018.  We will also take nominations from the floor.



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