October 2017 Presidents Corner 

Utopia in Town Creek

A few months ago I read an article in the Lake Highlands Advocate about the residents of a little area in Lake Highlands who call their community “Utopia” because of the camaraderie that exists among them. That community was shaped by homeowners coming together for holiday celebrations, happy hours and other impromptu social gatherings. This close-knit group also joins together to serve the needs of its immediate community and the beyond. The residents claim to live in a neighborhood reminiscent of their childhood, when you knew all the folks on your street, and they knew you; when you ate together and played together; when your neighbors were your close friends.

This “utopia” can exist in Town Creek. Building a close-knit community in a neighborhood the size of Town Creek—consisting of 592 homes—can be quit challenging. But not if you think of it in the context of your street or cul-de-sac.

Curious about where the subject neighborhood of the Advocate article exists, I looked up on a map the location of the streets given. The esteemed area generally consists of a cul-de-sac and short street within a much larger neighborhood. There is nothing stopping us from having the same thing here—from having as many utopia-like communities as there are street and cul-de-sacs.

In fact, a “utopia” of this sort already exists in a portion of Town Creek. When Town Creek was first built and residents moved into the neighborhood, the residents on Branch Hollow Drive began gathering together every year to celebrate the Christmas season. That tradition continues to this day—40 years later still going strong. Every year, the residents of almost every home on that street and cul-de-sac come together to celebrate with a progressive dinner. They all take part in the planning and preparing, different ones offering up their homes each year. This is such a highlight for those folks that they meet in January to set the date for that year’s the progressive Christmas dinner in December. No one wants to miss out! I was in such awe when I heard about this. And it’s not just Christmas that gets them together. They’ve gathered for pool parties and back-yard barbeques on other occasions, as well. By creating this tradition, they have created a family-like community on their street. These folks know each other well. When one is struck down by hardship or difficulty, the rest step-in to lend a helping hand. It has always amazed me how “breaking bread” together forges a bond like no other.

I’ve heard that similar things have taken place in Spring Hollow Circle and on Loma Vista Drive. Over the past several years, residents of numerous streets have hosted “street socials” in the form of backyard pool parties, front-lawn football watching parties and other gatherings intent on getting to know the neighbors next door and across the street.

You can have the same thing on your street and/or cul-de-sac. And you just may be the one to get it going. Since we’re entering the season of annual festivities now would be a great time to get started creating “utopia” where you live.


Sheri & Van Littrell

sclittrell@sbcglobal.net or van.littrell@realfoundations.net


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