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Crime Watch Report July 2017

Hello Town Creek Residents!

It’s time for school, football, cooler weather and all of the other great things that come with fall. For whatever reason, when school is in session there tend to be more crimes and or incidents in the neighborhood. Let’s all plan to be vigilant and work together to keep the bad guys at bay this fall.

We have had more burglaries of auto and home than usual in recent months, but many of those incidents can be directly attributed to unlocked doors. There are people that walk through the neighborhood day and night looking for easy opportunities, and they found plenty during the recent months. Please do not make it easy for them by keeping all of your doors and windows locked, yard gates locked, garage doors closed, and please park your cars in the garage overnight if possible.

Good news for the month of July! We had a very slow month for the bad guys and criminal activity!

July 22, in the 9100 block of Glen Springs Drive, unknown suspect entered backyard and took pool pump.

Calls to Crime Watch Officers in July:

  • Suspicious Persons 7
  • Suspicious Persons Located and Asked to Leave 3
  • Open Garage Doors 0
  • False Alarm 1
  • Nuisance in the area 2

Other notable incidents in the neighborhood:

7/25, in the 9500 block of Loma Vista, resident found bullet in her pool

7/25 the postman hailed down an officer to report suspicious guys casing a house

7/27 rollover accident on Moss Farm Lane – minor injuries

Several door-to-door solicitors have been identified in the area and were found noncompliant regarding required permits and allowable hours of operation. Those identified by our patrol officers have been asked to leave the neighborhood.

Please never hesitate to call the Crime Watch officers or 911 to report suspicious activity. Notifying Crime Watch or 911 of suspicious activity can help prevent problems before crimes are committed, and it sends a message to any people with bad intentions that this is not a neighborhood for criminal opportunity.

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