Featured General September 2017 

Creek News: Erosion Control

Have you noticed the area where the creek walls are falling off? Well, so has the city, with the help of Town Creek HOA Board member, Steve Stolte. Several places on the creek that runs through our neighborhood, along and behind numerous homes, are eroding. The City of Dallas is working to alleviate the erosion. Plans have been drawn for the construction of gabion walls (similar to the stone walls constructed a few years ago along the creek at Middle Downs). There are four areas designated—(1) behind Rocky Branch east of Middle Downs; (2) behind Meadowknoll east of Middle Downs; (3) behind Spring Hollow, near the Branch Hollow cul-de-sac; and (4) behind the Branch Hollow cul-de-sac. On June 28, the City Council authorized the construction by the same contractor who did the previous work. Construction is set to begin at the end of August. This construction could temporarily impact adjacent residents and those who like to walk the creek path.


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