Crime Watch Featured May 2017 

“Stop the Bleed” Training, a Crime Watch Event

Incidents such as home injuries, work injuries, mass shootings, disasters, and motor-vehicle trauma can happen at any moment. The “Stop the Bleed” training is designed to teach community members how to recognize life-threatening bleeding and administer appropriate medical treatment before professional rescuers arrive. Those precious few minutes can save a life before help arrives. Did you know that a victim who is bleeding from an artery can die in as little as three minutes and that serious bleeding from an extremity is the most frequent cause of preventable death from an injury? Life-threatening bleeding warrants immediate interventions and in most cases the person who can provide that immediate care is not a trained healthcare provider or first responder. Everyone can save a life when minutes count.

On March 23, the Town Creek-Forest Meadow Crime Watch Committee sponsored a “Stop the Bleed” Training by Jorie Klein, RN, of the Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland Memorial Hospital. This hands-on training taught us what to do in the event we encounter an injured person. We practiced applying tourniquets, dressing a wound and applying pressure. Nurse Klein also advised on the important of having an emergency kit handy at all time with items necessary to stop a victim’s bleeding.

Mark Duval organized the event. Graham Bryant, Crime Watch Patrol liaison, provided updates on Crime stats and the patrol program. Skyview Elementary allowed us use of their facilities. Primo Brother’s Pizza donated a portion of the pizza provided for attendees.




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