April 2017 Crime Watch Featured 


Hello Town Creek Residents! As you all know, the Crime Watch Patrol number changed to the new 2017 number on February 15. We are still receiving calls and texts to the 2016 number. Please note that the officers do not have access to the 2016 phone, and the phone is not monitored. Please keep the new number in an easily accessible location and consider adding it to the contacts in your mobile phone.

For our new members, the phone carried by our Crime Watch Patrol Officers is capable of texting and receiving photos for real-time situation reports and descriptions. The Officers have found this means of communication to be another valuable tool. Calling will always be an option, but text messaging is another great way to get information to the officers quickly, and it is very easy for them to reference back to the information as needed.

As recently as three years ago, our officers routinely received between 45-65 suspicious person calls per month. Lately that number has dropped to 10-20 per month. There has been an increase in strangers in the alleys, both on foot and in cars, as well as an increase in burglaries and car break-ins. Contact has been made with several of the suspicious persons combing the neighborhood, and our officers have confirmed that they do not live anywhere in the immediate area. Please do not hesitate to call in any suspicious activity you see in your area.


Town Creek / Forest Meadow Criminal incidents in February:

February 9, in the 8800 block of Arbor Park Drive, DWI

February 21, in the 8818 block of Vista Oaks Circle, robbery of a residence. Substantial items were removed from the residence

Calls to Crime Watch Officers in January:

  • Suspicious Persons 18
  • Suspicious Persons Located and Asked to Leave 8
  • Open Garage Doors 3
  • False Alarm 2
  • Nuisance in the area 3


Other notable incidents:

Pokeman Go players continue to show up in the neighborhood looking for the “virtual gym” that is in the creek. The said location of the virtual gym has been confirmed by our officers and they are aware of the ongoing presence of game players. None of the players have yet to be a problem.

Feb 8, 9000 block of Whitehurst, Officer Harper apprehended a suspect in a stolen vehicle that had been taken in Addison.

Please never hesitate to call the Crime Watch officers or 911 to report suspicious activity. Notifying Crime Watch or 911 of suspicious activity can help prevent problems before crimes are committed, and it sends a message to any people with bad intentions that this is not a neighborhood for criminal opportunity. The area allocation of regular duty officers is based on recent 911 call data so please do not hesitate to call. Stay safe out there!

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