February 2017 Presidents Corner 

Happy New Year, Town Creek!

We are Sheri and Van Littrell, your HOA Presidents for 2017, delighted to be serving the neighborhood in this capacity for a second year. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to 2017 with hopeful anticipation.

Below are a few announcements from your HOA Board to start off the new year.

Viola! New year, new newsletter and website.

Your HOA has already been hard at work. At our first meeting of the year, we approved changes to our monthly newsletter and website. We think you’re going to like them. Our world is ever evolving, and we must, too. As we previously communicated to you, in 2017, we will no longer be hand-delivering a printed newsletter. The Crier will now be delivered via our Constant Contact E-blast system. The HOA Board is currently working on ways to deliver the information to residents who do not have emails or computers.

A committee of gifted and skilled board members spent the latter part of 2016 creating the digital media. The new versions improve the look and function of both the newsletter and the website, at an overall reduced cost to the HOA. We believe these changes better meet the needs of our residents, keeping you up-to-date on events and information impacting our neighborhood and promoting community by encouraging social interactions.

Some of the new features include:

  • Availability of newsletter via various digital devices (i.e., computer, smart phones, tablets)
  • Integration of the newsletter and website, with current information on both
  • More timely dissemination of information.
  • Color images, photos and content.
  • A calendar of events for easy reference
  • New “Neighborhood Connections” section
  • Gallery of event photos.
  • Links to Town Creek social media sites
  • Links to clubs, schools, and businesses in or near our neighborhood.
  • Fully digital archive of information
  • Easy to share, reference and link.

Spend some time exploring the website (www.towncreeklakehighland.com). Let us know what you think about the new look and feel of both the newsletter and the website.

Engage with the Crime Watch Community here in Town Creek

Our Crime Watch program here in Town Creek is one of the greatest benefits to this neighborhood. But it exists only if residents take part in the program. Ways for you to do that:

1. Enroll in the program.

Did you get your invoice for 2017? Have you joined yet? The dues we receive during the first quarter of the year pretty much determine what the HOA, overseers of the program, will be able to do, cost-wise, for the rest of the year.

We ask you to consider becoming an annual member of Crime Watch, if that is possible for you. You receive an annual savings of $30.00, and will not be invoiced for the rest of the year. Members who pay semi-annual and quarterly will receive emails throughout the year reminding you to submit your payments for the annual benefits you receive. You would be surprise how many members do not pay for the entire year, yet reap the benefits all year long. Please help us out here.

Only those who enroll in the CW program are given a phone number that enables them to contact our patrol officers directly with reports of criminal activities, suspicious persons or activities, or to request special assistance (particularly, keeping an eye on your home when you are out-of-town).

2. Change the phone number in your list of contacts.

Every year the Crime Watch patrol’s phone number changes. The new number for 2017 becomes effective February 15.

Shortly after you submit your payment you will receive decals with the new numbers. This number is for 2017 members only and thus, to be kept for your private use. Be sure to change the number in your contacts list (removing the previous number so as not to call the former number by mistake). If you provide this number to your home-alarm company, remember to advise it of the change, as well.

3. Report suspicious activity

When you see or hear something suspicious, call or text the CW patrol number. If you call and leave a message or text, be sure to include your name and address. In an emergency situation or to report criminal activity, always call 9-1-1 first!

4. Look for the yellow notebook.

Ever see a DPD car in the neighborhood and wonder if the officer is on-duty for us? All DPD cars patrolling our neighborhood are not with our CW program. Look for a bright yellow binder on the car’s dashboard. Our officers are instructed to place it there so you will know the car is working our Crime Watch patrol and not a regular DPD patrol.

5. Do not enable or encourage crime.

This sounds silly to say. But there are a number of crime occurring in our neighborhood that appear to be crimes of opportunity, such as thefts of property left in unlocked vehicles. If you have to park on the street, be sure to lock all the doors and remove all property, especially property of value that someone else might want.

Hoping to see you around the neighborhood!

Van & Sheri

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