December 2016 Presidents Corner 

Making Spirits Bright!

Oh, my, y’all, it’s December! When we started off this year, we joked about our self-professed theme song being Merle Haggard’s “If We Make It Through December.” We began 2016 with apprehension, not sure what being presidents of the HOA would mean or look like for us. We were nervous. (Okay, Sheri, was nervous). But the anxiety dissipated as we discovered we were surrounded by dedicated and talented individuals who would serve our neighborhood with us. We are grateful for those board members who have given so much of their time and effort this year in their various capacities.

Graham Bryant oversees our Crime Watch (CW) patrol, fielding questions and concerns from residents and maintaining regular communication with the lead patrol officer. Judy Sebesta maintains the database of membership for the HOA and CW program, preparing invoices and keeping the record up to date. Judy stays alert to happenings in our neighborhood, then drafts and sends the eBlast communications of relevant, timely, and, sometimes, urgent information. Stu Barab creates reports of data generated from the database and treasurer’s report to keep the board up to date on the status of membership and other relevant occurrences in our neighborhood. Steve Hodges works with Judy and Stu to encourage an increase in participation, in both the HOA and CW. Brian Poff diligently watches over the HOA and Crime Watch programs funds. And every two weeks, he prepares and distributes pay checks for our patrol officers. Marty Jones and Karen Stuart send out the thousand pieces of mail generated each year related to HOA and CW membership. Sue Parma, for the past several years, has planned informative CW events. It’s a shame more people do not attend. We always leave those evenings captivated by what we’ve learned. All of these folks are part of the Crime Watch Advisory committee that meets once a month (in addition to the HOA meetings) with representatives from Forest Meadow to assess the CW program and brain-storm how to make it better. And the time commitment does not stop there. There is often a lot of research going on between meetings.

Anne Barab records the meeting minutes and sends them to the board for review. Steve Stolte works with the city on repairs and structural issues with our creek. He oversees the upkeep of the creek area. Steve even helps out neighbors when trees fall on their fences. Brooke Rohmer has planned fun events for the kids at Easter, July 4th and Christmas. (Mark your calendars for the Christmas Caroling Hay Ride!). Kevin and Brad Twitty organized a unique Sundae Funday outdoor gathering for families. When they left, Judy Sebesta stepped in, planning our float in the Lake Highlands Fourth of July Parade and the 40 year anniversary celebration for our HOA. Around 100 folks gathered for that! Tina and Jason Ladewig helped organize the first street social on Coral Cove. Marilyn Moss, Lizzie McKnight, and Ann Cox have personally visited numerous individuals and families who moved into Town Creek this year. They provide the new residents with a packet of information they have put together and a cake made by Brooke! As a result of their efforts, the vast majority of the new residents joined the HOA and CW program.

Sarah Harper creates every publication of the Town Creek Crier with articles and information provided by other board members, articles she has written, information from community clubs, and ads. She puts all this together for us. Ann Cox serves as the Lake Highlands liaison informing us of events and information that impacted Town Creek. Cinco Sorrow, our liaison with Skyview Elementary, keeps us apprised of opportunities to serve and assist our neighborhood school. Celena Baldwin communicates with and solicits businesses who advertise in the Crier, which helps to cover the cost of publication. Karen Wong maintains our website and Facebook, posting about relevant news and upcoming events. Gay Johnson is currently in the process of assembling and publishing the Directory to be distributed to members next year.

You know what else brightened our spirits? When neighbors came out to join us and the HOA board at our planned events, when you helped out with those events—like the Halloween carnival, when you shared your thoughts about the exchange of information, when you reached out to us with concerns or suggestions, when you made an effort to introduce yourselves to us, when you offered us words of encouragement and support. Sure, we’ve all got nice houses and live on beautiful tree-lined streets. But it’s you, the people who live among us, that make this neighborhood so great.

Thank you for a great year. Wishing you a blessed holiday season and joyful start to the new year.
See you in 2017!

Van & Sheri Littrell;

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