Skyview Elementary

Skyview Elementary is home of the Soaring Skyhawks, serving over 780 students in grades Pre-K through 6th grade. All students take courses in Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Language Arts, as well as Physical Education, Art, and Music. For kindergarten, first grade, and second grade, a bilingual class is available.

Teachers monitor the progress of students and have weekly team meetings. Communication with parents is emphasized so that home and school work together. A solid foundation of academic and personal development lead to greater success in junior high and beyond.

Other programs offered at Skyview Elementary include:

  • PACE afterschool program which provides afterschool care and continued learning. The PACE program runs from 3-6PM daily.
  • Girl’s Club offers opportunities for young women becoming future leaders.  The Girl’s Club holds monthly meetings as well as outings or fundraisers each month.
  • Art Club provides opportunities for young artists to learn and grow their talent.
  • Basketball Club provides opportunities for Skyview Dads to come and volunteer at the school.  Monthly meetings and volunteer opportunities are offered to all dads, uncles, and grandfathers.
  • Mom Squad Program provides opportunities for Skyview Moms to come and volunteer at the school.  Volunteer opportunities are available to all moms, aunts, grandmothers, and anyone who is a mother figure.

Stay up to date Skyview Elementary, visit the Skyview PTA website or like the Skyview Facebook page.

For families with children 0-5 years in the Skyview feeder pattern:

  • Skyview Hatchlings is a playgroup and Early Childhood PTA for neighborhood families providing our community with an opportunity to meet neighbors, make friends, and to get to know our neighborhood school.  Stay connected at