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The Town Creek HOA was established in March 1976. At an HOA-hosted anniversary celebration in 2016 we recognized folks who have lived in the neighborhood for the past 40 years. There are quite a few. We also recognized numerous individuals and families who recently moved into the community. Residents here span the demographic gamut, from Millennials with young children, to Baby Boomers with grandkids, from young professionals to retirees, creating a diverse and eclectic neighborhood.

Annual HOA membership is only $40 per household and is not mandatory but strongly encouraged. Your volunteer Board of Directors takes seriously its responsibility to invest these funds to preserve, protect and advance the interest of all Town Creek residents. Naturally, this includes disseminating information of interest while promoting neighborhood fellowship through a variety of sponsored events.

The Board of Directors is elected in November of each year and serves a one-year term. Often members serve successive years. It’s that much fun! It’s also a great way to get to know other Town Creek residents. Bylaws which govern the HOA are posted on this website and are also published in the HOA Membership Directory; making them available to all residents. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us. You will find a list of current board members and their respective office and/or committee on the HOA Board page.

In our effort “to preserve, protect and advance the interest of the neighborhood,” the HOA board meets 10 times a year to consider and discuss issues affecting our area.  We engage with our Dallas City Councilman (District 10), leaders of other Lake Highlands neighborhoods, and the Lake Highlands Public Improvement District to share concerns, possible solutions and ways in which we can better this area. The HOA also supports our local public schools, particularly Skyview Elementary.

Most significantly, Town Creek promotes safety in our neighborhood with its highly effective Crime Watch Program. As an enhanced neighborhood patrol (ENP) program through the Dallas Police Department it remains one of the largest such programs in the city of Dallas. It is funded through requested dues from each household. Dues are conveniently payable any one of three ways:

(1) Annual, a single $350 payment (best deal, less than $1.00 a day)

(2) Semi-annual, two $180 payments

(3) Quarterly, four $95 payments.

The program is administered by the Town Creek Crime Watch Advisory Committee under the auspices of the HOA Board of Directors. A small portion of the dues collected is allocated for administrative costs (about 3% each year). The balance, approximately 97%, goes to hire off-duty Dallas police officers to patrol our streets in DPD marked squad cars. Naturally, the more homeowners who participate the more funds to “buy” patrol hours. As a result of this visible deterrent, Town Creek enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the area.

In addition to having officers in our neighborhood, those residents who join the program have direct access to patrolling officers through a proprietary cell phone number. Please visit the Crime Watch Program page to read more about this program.

We disseminate information to our residents through the annual Town Creek HOA Membership Directory (sent to dues-paying members only), a quarterly e-newsletter, through our website: www.TownCreekLakeHighlands.com, and via our closed-group Facebook page (Town Creek Lake Highlands). Through these forums we share neighborhood news, photographs, event announcements, helpful tidbits and other information of interest.

Fellowship is a big part of this neighborhood. We facilitate camaraderie through spring and fall social events for kids and adults. Our blockbuster neighborhood event is an immensely popular Halloween Carnival. Attendance has been in the range of 700-800 costumed children and adults. We also are pro-active in welcoming new neighbors with a personal visit from our New Neighbors Committee providing a Town Creek packet of information along with a thoughtful gift.

Extraordinary neighborhoods are nurtured by exceptional people!                                   We are a community working together; making Town Creek the best in Lake Highlands! As such, all residents are encouraged to help build community pride by joining the HOA, buying into more peace-of-mind with the Crime Watch program, staying informed through our newsletter and website, and, most importantly, by getting to know neighbors.


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