Crime Watch Program


Founded in 1992, the Town Creek/Forest Meadow Crime Watch Program has become one of the most progressive and successful neighborhood crime watch programs in the Metrolplex.  Crime Watch employs off-duty Dallas Police officers in marked DPD vehicles to patrol our neighborhood streets and alleys, day and night,  in an effort to deter and prevent criminal activity, thus protecting our homes, automobiles, loved ones and overall property value.

It is an unfortunate reflection of the times that Crime Watch is required.  Sadly, we are bordered on the north, east and south by aging apartment complexes afflicted with high crime densities that can easily spill over into our neighborhood without the Crime Watch program.  The program is a key reason that Town Creek and Forest Meadow are safe, vibrant neighborhoods despite the high volume of crimes that occur within a short radius of the Lake Highlands area.


Crime Watch is a voluntary, paid-membership organization that is open to all residents.  The formula is simple – the more members we have, the more patrol hours we can afford.  The Crime Watch committee attempts to schedule patrol hours at times thought to be most critical, but if we have more members and more hours, would-be criminals would take notice, and perhaps think twice about targeting our neighborhood.  Our officers will be the first to tell you what a remarkable deterrent Crime Watch really is.


The Crime Watch dues pay for off-duty Dallas police officers to patrol our streets and alleys in a DPS squad car for 90 to 100 hours per week.  These officers are armed and can make arrests and issue citations. They patrol both in the marked car and on foot at various hours during the week.

Specific benefits of the program:

  • Direct access to our on-duty patrol officer provided through both a dedicated cell phone and a voice mail system.  In addition to voice calls, text messages and texted photographs can also be used.  (These numbers are changed annually, every February 15th.)
  • Extra patrol attention to your home while you are away traveling, such as checking windows and doors, removing flyers, securing packages and hiding newspapers from view).
  • Response times of only a few minutes when our officers are on duty instead of hours.  (We advise calling 911 first, then the Crime Watch number.)
  • Timely assistance for emergencies.
  • Email alert system featuring crime alerts as soon as we receive the information, appropriate news from neighboring communities and monthly crime summaries.
  • Investigation of suspicious persons and activities while they are happening, not hours later.  The fast response time (when the officer is on duty) can mean the difference between catching a criminal in the act and waiting for hours to fill out an incident report.
  • Investigation of unknown parked vehicles
  • Monitoring the flow of students through our neighborhood
  • Crime Watch Signage for home exterior
  • Overseeing personal safety for late-night home arrival
  • Open garage door alerts
  • The convenience of adding the patrol cell phone number to your “call” list for your home security system.
  • Officer assistance to complete and file official DPD crime reports.


For about $1 per day, Crime Watch members receive all of the above important personalized services for their investment.

One Annual Payment:  $350  (annual savings of $30)
Two Semiannual Payments:  $180  (annual savings of $10)
Four Quarterly Payments:  $95

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