Fall 2022 Featured 

Have You Seen the Beautification Project on Whitehurst?

By Marilyn Moss

If you have not driven (or walked) up/down Whitehurst, you need to!

Some of the HOA Board members have been working hard this summer to clean up and beautify the area across from Skyview Elementary School.  The Chairman of this group was Kathy Luedke, and her members were Adrienne Clark, Emily Chow, and Marilyn Moss.  Unexpected delays to this project made it difficult to finish and maintain….that being AT&T and this summer’s drought.  However, the group persevered and got the job done.  The metal art sculpture lights up at night, and the plants have made it through the drought, and will begin growing and getting gorgeous for next year.

If you are wondering who paid for this beautification…..it was your HOA dues.  Thanks to everyone who joined the HOA this year, and to those who volunteered to water the plants, and those Board worker bees who designed, purchased, and installed the Beautification.

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