Fall 2022 Featured General HOA Presidents Corner 


By Megan Yagelski, HOA President

Fall brings full calendars with all things fall sports, carnivals, fundraisers, and the state fair! Plans are underway for the Neighborhood Fall Festival; we hope you will take a break from the busy weekend(s) to join us for a little laid back fun before the holiday prep begins!

My Co-President, Matt Strange, took on a new job and will be cheering us for the rest of the year from his travels in NYC.  We appreciate you stepping up to help lead the HOA just after living in Town Creek for a month.  We are thankful for your leadership and will see you on the trail. 

Mark your calendars for:

October 16 – Neighborhood Fall Festival 3-6pm

Food, beer, wine, and a band on us!  Have a new neighbor?!  Bring them with you.  We will have live music, bounce house, and games for the kids. 

November 10 – the Homeowners’ Association’s General Board Meeting for the election of officers for 2023. (Location to be announced at a later date).

I wanted to send a thank you to all of those working hard to keep our neighborhood looking nice and clean.  Our HOA Creek Leaders, Kathy Luedke and Adrienne Clark, are doing a great job of keeping up with all things creek related.  Interacting with the city and neighbors to ensure a safe and clean space.  Thank you to those that signed up to adopt a spot of the creek!  A special recognition to the walkers who carry bags and pick up trash in our neighborhood every day.  Some of us may not ever notice because you are doing this before most of us leave for work.  We see you and thank you for doing so on your own.  Kindness matters and we are thankful. 

The HOA has great things on the horizon, we look forward to sharing more information with you soon and if you want to learn more about the HOA, let us know.    See you on October 16th!


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