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Around the Neighborhood

By David Wood

John Deer & Family–Do You Know Where They Live?

Pretty Pathways

By Kathy Luedke

Creek Operations Update

If you have noticed the nice flagstone rock now gracing the sitting bench close to Middle Downs on the north Rocky Branch side, thanks goes to Adrienne Clark and Jim Garrett.  Adrienne donated the stone after a landscape update, and Jim installed it.  There is more stone and Jim plans to install at more of the benches.  This is a really nice upgrade to our benches and will keep your feet out of the mud when you sit down.  Thank you Adrienne and Jim!

Thanks to the neighbors who helped with the Creek Cleanup in September!  We will probably have one more cleanup this year.  Stay tuned for the date.


By David Wood

Play With Me

When we moved into Town Creek five-and-a-half years ago, we noticed a lot of neglected basketball hoops languishing woefully in backyards and driveways. Covered in pollen and dust, the unused hoops seemed at once nostalgic and lonely, wishing the kids that used to play with them would come out and play some more.

That day has come! Whether it is all the new young families moving into the neighborhood, or perhaps the kids who grew up here are back for a visit with the folks with their own kids in tow, but the hoops are alive again, and dribbling with delight to be once more in use.

Stranger Things

By David Wood

Walking in Town Creek Alleys, you see some Stranger Things. One day a couple of weeks ago, we turned into an alley and a large wet tee shirt and what appeared to be a child’s pair of socks. We turned the corner of the alley and came across an empty suitcase (which apparently was asking to be watered.) All kinds of fanciful notions went through my head. Did the clothes come out of the suitcase? That’s all they packed? Where were they going? Why were they abandoned in the alley?

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