Fall 2022 Featured General 


By Joey Stewart

The Town Creek Volunteers in Patrol program is up and running again!   All previous VIP members should have received an email by now from coordinator Joey Stewart with the details.   Do you have an hour or so to spare each month? The program is actively seeking new patrols to join the program. We need you!   All candidates must fill out an application and waiver, and submit via email, or drop-off/mail to Officer Amber Oliver or Officer Bervin Smith at the NE Division – 9915 E Northwest HWY.   For more info and to request an application, contact the officers or Joey Stewart. amber.oliver@dallascityhall.com bervin.smith@dallascityhall.com joey@joeystewartfilms.com   The VIP program is an extension of the Crime Watch program. Members receive basic training in order to recognize and report suspicious activity in their area. The purpose is to provide a visible presence in the neighborhood as a deterrent to criminal activity, along with reporting illegal or suspicious activities to the police. VIP members patrol in teams of two and never interact with suspects or suspicious activity. This is a non-confrontational program.   Thanks for keeping Town Creek safe!

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