Featured General Summer 2022 

The Dogs of Town Creek

By Steve Killingback

You try saying “no” to that face!

Harry is 6 years old–we rescued him when he was 4 months. He is a Cocker Spaniel ‘something’; not sure what the ‘something’ part is, probably Border Collie.

He’s named after both Prince Harry, for his red hair (fur) markings, and he definitely lives up to being a Prince. He’s also named after Harry Potter–he has a white lightening bolt mark on the back of his head. Although he’s an American puppy his name reflects me being an Englishman.

He’s a sweet, gentle boy but will bark at everyone; he’s scared of people but loves other dogs, particularly his puppy sister Maggie. He’s her, and our, protector.

Both Harry and Maggie are the center of our lives, they definitely keep Pasi and me busy.

If you would like your canine companion(s) featured in a future edition of the Town Creek Crier, please send a photo and a little bio to davidwoodtx@gmail.com.

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