Featured General Summer 2022 

Making Town Creek Even More Beautiful

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member

Creek Cleanup June 25, 2022

Thanks to those who came out and worked on the creek June 25.  It was a hot morning but that did not stop the following neighbors from pitching in:

Keeping our precious creek clean and looking good is a community effort.  The HOA appreciates all who help out – not just on organized cleanup days, but all of the time.  Thank you!

Kurt, Nathan, Lauren, and Taylor Summers

Kilian and Morgan Bennett

Glenda and Barkley Miller

Rob Truelson

Karen Simmons

Linda Kahalnik

Scott Luedke

Adrienne Clark

Sue Parma

Scott and Chris Thomson – for providing cold water bottles

Most interesting finds:  a hubcap and a deteriorating one-dollar bill. Plus a mystery polaroid from long ago–anyone know these people?

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