Featured General Summer 2022 

Around the Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member/Creek Operations

Creek Update

I hope everyone enjoyed the wildflowers this spring along the Rocky Branch path south of Whitehurst.  Jim Garret of Vista Oaks Circle planted seeds last fall and crossed his fingers that they would germinate.  Well, they did, beautifully!  Hopefully they will be more abundant with each year.  Thank you, Jim!

And thank you to ID Walker who keeps doggie bags supplied in the two kiosks along the trail.  We appreciate your commitment to this task! 

The Beautification committee has completed the design and implementation of a new garden area across the street from Skyview Elementary on Whitehurst.  Drought tolerant and sun loving plants were selected.  Boulders and tasteful art pieces have also been placed.  We hope you enjoy this addition to the creek path.  Help is needed to keep the plants watered this summer.  Please follow this link to a signup genius to volunteer to water the plants. 


We are introducing a new program called Adopt a Creek.  Like the Adopt a Highway program, we are looking for volunteers to commit to keeping a small section of the creek path maintained.  Please follow this link for more information. 


Lastly, a reminder for homeowners along the creek; please maintain your property along the path.  This includes keeping weeds cut back, ensuring dirt and debris from your property are not spilling onto the pathway after a rain, yard waste is not deposited into the creek area and low branches from your trees are kept trimmed.  And if you employ a yard service, make sure they are not dumping your debris into the creek area.  Thank you in advance!

See you on the creek!

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