Crier - Oct 2021 HOA 

Around the Creek

By Kathy Luedke, HOA Board Member

Thank you to all who came out on Saturday October 23rd for the first half of the “Town Creek Work Hard/Play Hard” weekend and worked on the creek.  A group consisting of Jim Garrett, Rick Buferd, Adriane Clark, and Ken Slack cut down some of the dead trees along the path, removed many of the burr-producing bushes that drive dog owners crazy and removed lots of vines from the trees.  There is a lot more work to do along these lines, but we are slowly pecking away at it.

In addition, the following folks came out and picked up trash both along the pathways and at the creek bed: Stu Barab, Jim Wrisley, David Wood, Jennifer and Mark Duval, Mike and Kelly Arkfeld, Emily Chow, David Barnes, Al Dogger and Delonna and Miles Hyland.  The most interesting thing found in the creek was a six-foot wooded ladder!  Strange indeed!

If you are interested in helping with the ongoing beautification work along the creek, please text Kathy Luedke at 214-537-5602.  This group works more frequently than the quarterly Creek Cleanup events.

We hope you have noticed the tree trimming performed along the creek entrances at Whitehurst and Arbor Park.  We used Chippers Tree Service and were very pleased.  Please call on them for your tree trimming needs: Walter Diaz 972-209-1456

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