An Overview of the Town Creek HOA Board Positions

Here’s a broad explanation of the roles and responsibilities for the HOA Board:


Organizes and “runs” the regular meetings. Writes a column or letter for each newsletter, and a welcome letter for the directory and for new neighbors. The president can also act as a “go to” or neighborhood representative to certain government officials and agencies. 


Keeps minutes and records of each meeting. The secretary is also a signatory on financial and legal documents.


Manages finances for both the HOA and the Crime Watch program. Issues checks, reimburses payments to members who’ve paid out-of-pocket for neighborhood goods and services. Files tax returns or supervises a third party to do so. Supports an annual audit of the financial records.

Database Manager

Maintains records of residents in Town Creek with contact information. This data is used for the annual neighborhood directory. Initiates membership requests for both HOA and Crime Watch, collects payments, makes deposits, issues overdue notices and maintains membership records and reporting.

Social Chair

Organizes and conceives of neighborhood events. While these have naturally been stymied during the past two years, it’s still an important role in keeping all the neighbors connected and having fun together.

New Neighbors Coordinator

Visits neighbors who move into Town Creek to welcome them, talk about the neighborhood, tell them about the creek path and the HOA and the crime watch program.

Skyview Liaison

Keeps in touch with school leaders and administrators at Skyview Elementary to engage them in our neighborhood and make them feel part of our community. Likewise publicizes projects and events at the school to our neighborhood.

Crime Watch Committee Lead

Represents the Town Creek Crime Watch program with participation from Forest Meadows and Oak Trail Villas. Organize the monthly Crime Watch meetings, National Night Out events, and spearhead other crime reduction initiatives.

Crime Watch Patrol Coordinator

This person is the liaison between the neighborhoods involved with Crime Watch and the off-duty Dallas Police officers who actually conduct the patrols. They manage the Crime Watch phone and accounts, and work closely with the program’s head officer.

Crime Watch Administrator

Provides for mailings to members of HOA and Crime Watch, including, but not limited to: the annual directory, Crime Watch magnets, materials for membership drives, etc.

Creek Operations

This person works with the city and private landscaping companies to keep the creek safe, attractive, and properly maintained. They usually organize several “Creek Clean-Up” events each year, and work with people who live directly on the creek to ensure its proper maintenance.


The Town Creek website and other communications such as e-Blasts are maintained by this person. E-Blasts are sent out as needed informing neighbors with current information impacting the neighborhood, social events, crime warnings, the Town Creek Crier and other topics appropriate to the neighborhood. They also work with the database manager to keep the email lists current. Currently Constant Contact is the platform used for these communications.

Newsletter Editor

The editor solicits articles and sometimes writes them for the Town Creek Crier newsletter. At one time this newsletter was monthly, but is currently quarterly. The cadence for the newsletter is up to this person and can be adjusted. Articles are not only emailed, but hosted on the website. We use WordPress to host our website, 

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