Featured HOA New Neighbors Town Creek Crier - July 2021 

July 2021 New Neighbors

By Karen Stuart, HOA Board Member and New Neighbor Committee

Welcome to Town Creek!

  • Erica Wagner, Rocky Branch
  • Jennifer and Travis Young, Glen Springs
  • Melissa and Robert Gladney, Coral Cove
  • Quince T. Brinkley, Jr., Moss Farm
  • Ron and Madisen Li, Atherton
  • Greg Word, Glen Springs
  • Tyler and Ryan Garman, Clover Meadow
  • Daryne Foote and Tana Patrick, Flint Falls
  • Tracie and Kevin Martin, Whitehurst
  • Lance and LaQuenna Brown, Branch Hollow

Note: Our new neighbor committee actively welcomes all new neighbors to our great neighborhood. Please call or email me if you know someone who has just moved into Town Creek. We would love to meet them. Call Karen at 214 507-7132 or email hygienegirl48@yahoo.com. 

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